Kingdom Care Reentry Network

Our Mission.

The mission of The “Kingdom Care Reentry Network” is to significantly reduce the rate of recidivism in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond. K.C.R.N. will mobilize, organize and empower the considerable, valuable resources of the Philadelphia area faith-community, which are focused on prison ministry in general and reentry aftercare services in particular. The Kingdom Care Reentry Network will adapt the “best practices” and the “best resources” of each K.C.R.N. member organization and partner in order to provide the various services needed for the successful reentry of former inmates into the community.

Church Helps Felons Get
'Off the Wrong Side of the Law'

The Justice Department has created a program called the Fugitive Safe Surrender Program, where offenders can turn themselves in at local churches. The Rev. Ernest McNear, of the True Gospel Tabernacle Family Church, is a coordinator of the program in Philadelphia. NPR’s Michel Martin meets with Dr. McNear to discuss the program’s effectiveness.

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